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Less Expensive Lawyering Here? Limited Scope Representation

The Connecticut Judicial Branch recently proposed rule changes to enable Connecticut lawyers to offer LSR, or ‘limited scope representation’ to their clients.

In a nutshell, LSR, sometimes called ‘unbundled legal services,’ allows clients and lawyers to agree in advance on what services the lawyer will — and more important — will not perform for the client. It allows clients to order just what they need from the menu, and can offer lawyers protection from liability for the portion of the work they don’t perform.

For example, in a family case, a client might hire a lawyer to prepare for and attend certain hearings only, or to handle only the financial issues and not the parenting points.

LSR is seen as a ‘win-win’ for everyone. Clients who might have had to represent them-selves would get more affordable legal representation. Lawyers could expand the services they offer. And courts should benefit as more clients could afford to have lawyers in court when they need them. Documents would more likely be well-prepared and issues presented more clearly.

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