Why Mediate

Why Choose Mediation

There are several reasons so many people choose mediation:

Keep Control of Your Life. You control all decisions affecting your family, money, and life; you never give up control to strangers.

Cut Down on Future Problems. Research shows that mediated agreements are most often observed, so it’s less likely that you’ll have problems later.

It’s Safe. Michael won’t tolerate strong-arming or coercive tactics.

Stay Out of Court. You protect yourself and your family from enduring nasty fights or endless court proceedings.

Save on Fees. Mediation is usually much less expensive than litigation, without sacrificing quality.

Keep Things Private. Mediation is completely confidential; unlike public court, your private life stays private.

Use Lawyers as You Wish, if at All. You can consult with your own lawyer during mediation, since Michael works for both of you — but it’s not required. And you can mediate if you’ve already seen a lawyer of you own, or filed court papers. Also, since Michael is also an attorney, he can help you understand the law and what’s typical, draft your legal agreement, and file court papers.

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“I appreciate your patience. I learned everything I needed to know to make informed decisions for the divorce and for my future.”

Former Client

“You made a difficult process easy. You truly listened to us.”

Former Client

“[Michael is] clever, practical and sensitive to the emotional aspects involved in disputes and their resolution.”