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Remote Workers May Get Tax Surprise

Earlier this year, in less than a week many workers went from going to the office every day to going to the kitchen table to work remotely. Some workers now hope to continue some form of remote work even after the health crisis.

Enter the taxman. People who do their jobs remotely in a state different from their physical office may have created a ‘tax presence’ in the remote state. And the remote state may tax income because services were technically rendered there. Some states tax workers who are there for as little as one day. Ask a consultant how many state income tax returns s/he files.

Some states, such as New Jersey, have agreed to relax their tax rules for remote workers working there due to coronavirus, but others — notably Connecticut and New York — have not issued definitive guidance at the time of this printing.

For advice related to your specific situation, it’s best to consult your tax professional.

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