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Retirement Savings Update: More Flexibility, More Plans?

In an effort to make retirement savings more attractive and expand enrollment, the government is expected to issue more flexible rules for retirement savings accounts like 401(k)s.

Regulators want to modify the current rule requiring withdrawals from retirement accounts beginning at age 70½ regardless of whether someone needs the money or not. This would allow savers who don’t yet need the money to leave it in their retirement accounts, working for them longer. This is thought to be especially important given increasing life expectancies.

Rules making it easier for small business to band together to offer 401(k)s and similar plans are also thought to be afoot. This would enable them to enjoy some of the benefits larger employers have in setting up and running these plans. And this would likely expand access to these plans to employees of small businesses, which to date have typically not offered them.

Finally, regulators may allow retirement plans to start offering annuities, which provide guaranteed income for life, a feature attractive to many retirees.

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