Past Issues of The Mediator Newsletter

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Winter Spring 2024 Newsletter

  • Legal Documents for College
  • Spending Limits Help Couples?
  • Tax Stuff: A New Use for 529s
  • You and Your Young Adult Child -- A Review
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Winter Spring 2023 Newsletter

  • Trending Now: Who Gets the Dog
  • Joint Finances = Happier Couples?
  • Going Up: 401(k) Limits
  • The LOVE Prescription -- A Review
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Winter 2022 Newsletter

  • New Divorce Court Procedures
  • Family Finances -- Involve Teens?
  • Backdoor to Roth IRAs
  • Keep Moving: Notes on Loss, Creativity and Change -- A Review
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Summer Fall 2020 Newsletter

  • Connecticut Now Allows Remote Divorce
  • Remarriage: Combine Finances or Not?
  • Remote Workers May Get Tax Surprise
  • The 5 Love Languages -- A Review
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Fall 2019 Newsletter

  • Revised Court Orders in Divorce
  • Declining Divorce Rates
  • More Uses for 529 Accounts
  • Emotional Contagion and Social Media
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Fall 2018 Newsletter

  • Retirement savings update
  • More couples living apart
  • Changes coming to alimony taxation
  • How to Talk so Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk is an important resource for parents
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Winter 2017 Newsletter

  • Connecticut allows speedier divorces
  • Mediation centers open in Connecticut courthouses
  • Retiring early using the age 55 rule
  • When Things Fall Apart can help calm us in uncertain times
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Spring 2016 Newsletter

  • Nonadversarial divorce' arrives in Connecticut
  • Cost of the ring and wedding may predict divorce
  • Social Security rules in divorce
  • Mom's House, Dad's House for Kids is an excellent resource for kids going through divorce
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Spring 2015 Newsletter

  • Alimony modifications may now be harder in Connecticut
  • Are women better decision-makers under pressure?
  • Rollover changes may affect your retirement savings
  • Divorce Source Radio podcast
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Fall 2014 Newsletter

  • Can you now serve papers via Facebook?
  • Partner’s traits can go from attraction to flaw
  • Grandparent's college savings impacts financial aid
  • Ernst & Young Tax Guide for routine tax questions
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Winter 2014 Newsletter

  • New Financial Affidavit forms have arrived for CT divorces
  • Do credit scores matter in the success of a marriage?
  • The home office deduction has been made simpler
  • Introducing the Our Family Wizard website
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Winter 2013 Newsletter

  • Advice from divorcees on what they'd do differently
  • Couples therapy when one partner won't go
  • Managed 401(k) plans can help you avoid costly mistakes
  • Building A Parenting Agreement that Works, an important resource for divorcing parents
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Winter 2011 Newsletter

  • 'Limited scope representation' may help to cut lawyer costs in Connecticut
  • Marriage rates at record low
  • 401(k) contribution limits increased
  • The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls is an important resource for parents of adolescent girls
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Spring 2011 Newsletter

  • CT court disqualifies attorney after mediation consultation
  • Secret spending is common in marriage
  • Alternative Minimum Tax patch creates tax headaches
  • The Custody Solutions Sourcebook helps divorcing parents
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Fall 2010 Newsletter

  • Trending now: Later in life divorce increases
  • CT Supreme Court on higher-income child support
  • Congress' inaction may increase capital gains taxes
  • The Intelligent Divorce offers practical advice for parents
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Spring 2010 Newsletter

  • Connecticut Supreme Court continues trend of enforcing prenups
  • Two-earner couples appear to be happier
  • Converting a traditional IRA to a Roth
  • An excellent, free retirement savings calculator
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