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You and Your Young Adult Child — A Review

Any parent of a 20-something knows how difficult it can be sometimes to parent a young adult child. Common dilemmas include how involved to be, and how much autonomy to encourage. And, of course, the big one: how much advice to give.

Fortunately, Laurence Steinberg, a leader in the field of human development, has recently written You and Your Young Adult Child. This book is an essential resource for parents of young adults. I’ve used it in myrelationship with my 23 year-old daughter with great success.

Steinberg helps parents find the right balance on so many important topics, such as when — and when not — to offer your opinion, what to do when your child must move back home, dealing with romantic partners you think are not healthy, and how to help young adult children navigate difficult emotional/psychological passages.

This book is also written in a very accessible style. While offering his expertise and advice, Steinberg is, in my opinion, not at all preachy.

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