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The LOVE Prescription — A Review

Over the years I’ve been reading almost everything John and Julie Schwartz Gottman have written about relationships. They’re known as the leading relationship scientists because they apply scientific methods to better understand what helps to sustain relationships and when relationships are in jeopardy.

In their latest book, The LOVE Prescription, they break down their forty years of research into a seven-day step-by-step manual to help those looking to improve their relationship.

Each day gets a separate task. So for example, day four’s task is to give a real compliment to your partner. This is based on theirresearch that for every one negative interaction — which they understand are inevitable — five positive ones are needed to rebalance and steady things.

Some may think the advice a bit ‘on the surface’, not addressing fundamental issues in relationships, but I believe it gives couples a research- based place to start on the path to healing.

Recent Tools & Tips

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